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However, they can pass the infection to their sexual partner.

If antiretroviral treatment is effective and the virus is completely suppressed, you cannot transmit HIV to others. For this reason, monitoring of viral load suppression is recommended as part of ongoing care for people living with HIV.

COVID-19 is a serious disease and people living with HIV should take all recommended preventive measures to minimize exposure and avoid infection with the virus that causes coronavirus disease.

As in the general population, older people living with HIV or people living with HIV with heart or lung problems are at higher risk of becoming infected with the virus and suffering more severe symptoms.

We will actively learn more about how HIV and COVID-19 are affecting people living with HIV from the responses of countries and communities to both epidemics. Lessons learned from implementing innovations and adapting the supply system will be shared and imitated in order to minimize the impact on people living with HIV. Until more information is available, people living with HIV, especially those in an advanced stage of the disease or not yet well controlled, should exercise caution and pay attention to prevention measures and recommendations. .

People living with HIV should protect themselves and others from the virus that causes COVID-19 in the same way that reducing exposure is recommended for everyone:

UNAIDS recognizes, however, that in many countries, due to their weakened health systems, informal settlements, overcrowding of cities and public transport, and lack of safe water and sanitation, self-protection measures are not currently viable, social distancing and containment.

UNAIDS advises that all people living with HIV should have a supply of the medical supplies they need on hand; the ideal would be to count an amount for 30 days or more. This supply includes both antiretroviral therapy and other common medications, such as treatment for tuberculosis, contraceptives, and other ongoing treatments for noncommunicable diseases and mental health.

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